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Online Live Yoga Class


Long Body Yoga is proud to announce the beginning of our Online Live Yoga Class. Our vision is to create a virtual yoga class through which we will continue giving to our existing students and will also have the ability to reach out to even more people regardless of their location. Unlike most online yoga classes, this class will not be pre-recorded but live. Students with a web camera on will be seen by the instructor while they practice and receive feedback, as if the instructor was right there in their living room. Also, by the class being live, students can interact with the teacher and with each other as though they were all practicing in the same room. We know that a real class is ideal and we will try to make this one feel as close to real as possible.

Please do not hesitate to call or go to our Contact Page with any questions you may have.

User Guide and Setup Procedures:

Once enrolled in the online class you will need to setup Zoom on your computer.

Zoom is compatible with almost all major devices such as PCs, Macs, iPads, Android devices and more.  

Please, use the links below to check system requirements and setup:

Download Zoom

Joining a Class

How to use Zoom:

Below are some basic tutorials on how to use Zoom.

Spotlight the Teacher

This feature allows you to make the teacher the main screen and mutes all other attendees of the class.

Changing Views

This allows you to see everyone in class on one screen or switch to viewing only one person at a time.

Make the teacher your full screen

When in Full Screen mode instead of Gallery View (where you can see everyone in class in equal size), you can minimize the top bar of all attendees by clicking the minus sign and keep the teacher as your full screen.

Pin Video

This feature allows you to pin the teacher as the main screen and not changed regardless of who is speaking.


Setup your yoga mat about 12 feet away from your webcam to always be visible to the teacher and vice versa. 


Zoom should work out of box with no problems.  If you are having problems read below and see if these tips help.

Sound Issues

If you use a Bluetooth ear piece with your laptop, make sure to disable Bluetooth and switch back to your normal speakers. 

Video Transmission Issues

If your video stops streaming (in which case the teacher cannot see you the student), this is not a Zoom issue but your webcam issue. To fix the problem simply turn the webcam off or unplug it and turn it back on or re-plug it back in. 

As we come across new discoveries we will post them. 

If you didn't find the answer you were looking for you can try Zoom's support center or contact us via our contact page.

Online Live Yoga Class by Long Body Yoga

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