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Corporate Wellness


Long Body Yoga In The Office

How would you like to lower your insurance policy by improving your employees health?  How would you like it if you could increase their focus, productivity and overall mood at the work place?  It is simple. Bring yoga to them!

Long Body Yoga can come to your office and provide a class to meet the needs of your company's work force.  This class can be offered at the beginning of the work day; at the end; or even during lunch break.

Yoga in the workplace benefit the employee and benefits the employer's bottom line.  A few of the benefits of yoga at the work place include:

  • Improved immunity which leads to less sick leave.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Lower stress levels.
  • Improved employee moods and therefore a better work environment.
  • An employee benefit that everyone can appreciate!

Also for confirmation of our results, please view our testimonial page.  These testimonials are unedited.

Research and Articles


You don't believe us here are some online articles and research to help you make your decision.  These articles are not affiliated with Long Body Yoga.  


My Yoga Online 

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Manatee County Research Study.... coming soon.